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Project Description
"XSLT Manager Application Block" transforms XML documents with XSLT using Enterprise Library. XSLT documents compiled and cached in memory.
Requires Enterprise Library.

Create an XSLTManager that defined in configuration file.
  • XSLTManager xsltManager = XSLTFactory.GetXSLTManager(xsltName);

Then transform with
  • xsltManager.Transform(reader, writer);
  • xsltManager.Transform(reader, arguments, writer);
  • xsltManager.Transform(reader, arguments, outputStream);
  • xsltManager.Transform(reader, outputStream)

  • reader is XmlReader
  • writer is XmlWriter
  • arguments is XsltArgumentList
  • outputStream is Stream

The benefits of this Application Block are;
  • Manage XSLT files from one place,
  • Turn on/off Debug, EnableDocument and EnableScript properties easily,
  • Assign a MimeType to created output
  • Cache compiled XSLT code.

Project usage;
For runtime add a reference to "YB.EnterpriseLibrary.XSLTManager.dll", then use like the sample above.
This reference should also create references to;
Which are distibuted on the zip file from "Downloads"

For design-time (editing the configuration file);
Have EnterpriseConfigurationManager ready somewhere in your system,
Copy "YB.EnterpriseLibrary.XSLTManager.dll" and "YB.EnterpriseLibrary.XSLTManager.Configuration.Design.dll" to folder that has "EntLibConfig.exe".

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